"Good Lighting."


So this 21 y/o straight dude, whose name is Jon Fuller from MA, was tricked by a guy on kik to do all kinds of crazy stuff. Apparently, his kik (which is fulljay) was given out by his roommates on omegle who are pissed off at him (he sounds like a bully and homophobe) to some rando dude who pretended to be a girl and then did this to him. Some pretty embarrassing stuff for a straight guy to be seen doing! As I heard, he’s a pretty gullible guy, so he’s easy pickings. Anyways, reblog him if you want and go ahead and play with him, sounds like he deserves it!

lol “or is it a pussy”

Anonymous asked:
Where can I find all ur spycam posts?

Oh I deleted them. I still make them from time to time. but eh it was getting sketchy.

lucky dog

he was fun

Heavy arms

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